EAS Seminar

Fall 2020

The EAS seminar series is being held virtually this semester. Seminars are loosely organized around the theme of “Hazards.” You can find details of the speakers and topics by subscribing to the calendar above, or by checking the department events page.

September 16, 2020

Speaker: Katie Keranen, Associate Professor in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University

Faculty Host: Patrick Fulton

September 23, 2020

Speaker: Kristin Morell, Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

Faculty Host: Patrick Fulton

September 30, 2020

Speaker: Friederike Otto, Associate Director of ECI and Associate Professor, Climate Research Programme, University of Oxford

Talk Title: Angry weather – Identifying to what extent climate change is taking its toll

Faculty Host: Peter Hitchcock

October 21, 2020

Speaker: Maria Molina, Project Scientist for the CATALYST group and Climate Change Research section at the Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory

Talk Title: Sensitivity and Classification of Severe Thunderstorms using Convection-Permitting Model Simulations and Deep Learning

Faculty Host: Angeline Pendergrass

October 28, 2020

Speaker: Grace Bato, JPL Postdoctoral Scholar

Talk Title: From source to surface: Volcano geodesy and advances in real-time eruption forecasting

Faculty Host: Matthew Pritchard

November 4, 2020

Speaker: Sara C. Pryor, Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University

Talk Title: Characterizing and modeling atmospheric hazards

Faculty Host: Peter Hitchcock

Event Details for Sara C. Pryor's Talk

November 11, 2020

Speaker: Tami Bond, Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Scott Presidential Chair in Energy, Environment and Health, Colorado State University

Talk Title: Who’s Breathing Whom? Air Transport of Small Particles, Like Viruses

Faculty Host: Natalie Mahowald

Event Details for Tami Bond's Talk

December 2, 2020

Speaker: David Bresch, Professor, Department of Environmental Systems Science, ETH Zürich

Talk Title: CLIMADA - the open-source and -access global platform for probabilistic risk modeling and options appraisal

Faculty Host: Flavio Lehner

Event Details for David Bresch's Talk

December 16, 2020

Speaker: Gabriel Gonzalez, Deputy Director, CIGIDEN

Talk Title: Understanding seismic and tsunami hazards in the Chilean subduction zone: lessons and perspectives from the framework of interdisciplinary studies

Faculty Host: Terry Jordan

Event Details for Gabriel Gonzalez's Talk