Jon Hendricks

Jonathan Hendricks '05

Not many children know what they are going to be when they grow up, but Jonathan Hendricks ’05 knew as a kindergartener that he would become a paleontologist. Hendricks’s mother would take him to the... Read more

Phoebe Cohen

Phoebe Cohen ’02, Ph.D.

Phoebe Cohen ’02 came to Cornell thinking she would major in Biology until she took Oceanography with Professor Chuck Greene. Cohen was drawn to the Science of Earth Systems major (now called Earth... Read more

Andrew Barton

Andrew Barton SES '00, MS '01

If it weren’t for his experience at Cornell and in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Andrew Barton SES ‘00, MS ’01, would not be where he is today. Barton was drawn to Cornell for a number of reasons –... Read more

Colin Evans

Meet Colin Evans

Many people love the sound of the rain, but very few of us are then inspired by that sound to earn a doctorate in Atmospheric Science. Colin Evans, Ph.D. candidate in Associate Professor Toby Ault’s... Read more