Flavio Lehner

Welcome Flavio Lehner

Flavio Lehner has joined the Cornell Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences as assistant professor. Lehner, who joined the department in September of 2020, is excited to join a department of... Read more

Megan Holycross

Welcome Megan Holycross

“I did not grow up camping or spending a lot of time in the woods,” says Megan Holycross. “I wasn’t indoctrinated into a love of the outdoors and camping the way a lot of geologists are.” As she says... Read more

Building Community

Creating Community in EAS

By Carolyn Headlam Forged in the Fall of 2019, IDEEAS (pronounced “ideas”) is an independent working group dedicated to Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and to... Read more

Jon Hendricks

Jonathan Hendricks '05

Not many children know what they are going to be when they grow up, but Jonathan Hendricks ’05 knew as a kindergartener that he would become a paleontologist. Hendricks’s mother would take him to the... Read more

Phoebe Cohen

Phoebe Cohen ’02, Ph.D.

Phoebe Cohen ’02 came to Cornell thinking she would major in Biology until she took Oceanography with Professor Chuck Greene. Cohen was drawn to the Science of Earth Systems major (now called Earth... Read more