Peter Flemings aboard a boat

A visceral sense of the land

By Chris Dawson In the more than thirty years since Peter Flemings Ph.D. ’90 left Cornell with his Geology doctorate in hand, he has been engaged in research at some of the nation’s premier academic... Read more

William Hooker, Victoria Abunaw, and Ashley Yang

Why major in EAS?

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is rare. While most of the Schools and Departments at Cornell draw their students from just one college, undergraduates from three different colleges-... Read more

Carolina Muñoz‐Saez

A deep look at geothermal processes ( 2024 )

Growing up in Chile, new EAS Assistant Professor Carolina Muñoz‐Saez lived with a sharp awareness of volcanoes and earthquakes. Her grandmother had a cabin near an active volcano in the south of Chile... Read more