Jacob Feuerstein in front of a city skyline

EAS Senior Spotlight--Jacob Feuerstein

Jacob Feuerstein- Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology Why Cornell? I was taken by the small department, the great professors, the research focus, and the general nerd culture pervasive at Cornell... Read more

EAS graduating senior Danielle Mangini poses in front of Taughannock Falls

EAS Senior Spotlight--Danielle Mangini

Danielle Mangini- EAS major, E&S minor, Climate Science Concentration Why Cornell? Cornell was at the top of my list, my dream school since I was younger. Cornell’s passion for discovery and rigor is... Read more

Elizabeth Eiden and her poster at IAVCEI-2023

IAVCEI-2023 in New Zealand

Geological Sciences doctoral student Elizabeth Eiden travelled to New Zealand in late January to present a talk at the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior... Read more

Sara Miller

Is there life in Europa's ocean?

If you were going to look for life elsewhere in our solar system, where would you look? For most of us, this is a purely hypothetical question. But not for Sara Miller. Miller, who is a doctoral... Read more

Tomorrow’s Forecast: Improved Accuracy

Tomorrow’s Forecast: Improved Accuracy

Climate change is here to stay, bringing with it changing weather patterns. According to current models, the northeastern United States can expect an increase in extreme rainfall events. Read more