Centers, Facilities, and Institutes

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is comprised of several centers, labs and institutes that make our ground-breaking research possible. 


Northeast Regional Climate Center

The Northeast Regional Climate Center conducts research studies that focus on the development of new climate information products, data analysis techniques, and applications of climate data that will broaden the scope and enhance the value of the Center's services to present and potential clients in the region. 


LA-ICP-MS Facility

Petrographic Microscopy Lab

A new comprehensive microscopy laboratory includes research-grade Leica compound (petrographic) and stereographic microscopes for both transmitted and reflected light microscopy, equipped with digital photomicrography capability and dedicated computers with relevant imaging analysis software is now available at EAS.


Paleontological Research Institution (PRI)

PRI ian independent facility with strong ties to Earth & Atmospheric Sciences. Known throughout the world of paleontologists and malacologists for its fossil and shell collections, PRI hosts classes and research by Cornell faculty and students as well as visitors from other institutions. PRI is also the home of the dynamic Museum of the Earth which serves (and stimulates!) the interests of the public on earth and environmental issues.

Institute for Study of the Continents (INSTOC)

INSTOC serves as a mechanism for the development and training of scientists in the field of continental exploration.