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Graduate Programs

We administer two graduate fields—atmospheric science and geological sciences. We offer M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs in the graduate field of atmospheric science and M.Eng., M.S., and Ph.D. degree programs in the graduate field of geological sciences.

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Faculty members in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences also participate in several interdisciplinary graduate programs, such as Earth Energy SystemsBiogeochemistryUpper Atmosphere and Ionosphere, and the interdisciplinary graduate minor program in Sustainable Energy.

Current Research Opportunities

We are seeking Ph.D. students to work on the following projects to begin in the Fall of 2020 in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University.  Please contact the faculty listed below for more information. Details on applying to Cornell are available at the Graduate School Admissions website.

Atmospheric Sciences: Prof. Peter Hitchcock (aph28@cornell.edu) is seeking a student to work on large-scale atmospheric dynamics related to stratosphere-troposphere interactions in the tropics.

Experimental petrology/geochemistry: Potential areas of research include investigations of planetary redox, trace element thermobarometry and diffusion speedometry. For more information, please contact Prof. Megan Holycross (meh374@cornell.edu).

Volcanic volatile budgets and mantle geochemistry: Prof. Esteban Gazel (egazel@cornell.edu) is looking for a Ph.D. student to work on volatile budgets of intraplate and arc volcanism and their role in global geochemical cycles.

Seismology and rock mechanics: Prof. Greg McLaskey (gcm8@cornell.edu) is looking for a PhD student to work on the mechanics of earthquake scaling and the generation of seismic waves by means of large-scale laboratory experiments.

Geophysics, volcanology, and remote sensing: Prof. Rowena Lohman (rbl62@cornell.edu) is seeking a Ph.D. student to work on satellite observations of ground surface change, including innovative measurements of soil moisture from space.  Prof. Matt Pritchard (pritchard@cornell.edu) is looking for a Ph.D. student to work on combined ground and satellite observations of volcanic activity involving potential fieldwork in Bolivia and/or Chile and developing an inter-disciplinary global synthesis of volcano remote sensing observations.

Minerals and energy integrated projects, technical de-risking, economic geology, geomet, and interdisciplinary approaches to improving the minerals and energy industries: contact Prof. Karin Olson Hoal (keo52@cornell.edu) for further information.

Coupled geochemical, hydrologic and geomorphic evolution of volcanic terranes: We are investigating how weathering drives changes regolith material properties, which leads to changes in hydraulic conductivity and water routing.This in turn profoundly impacts channel development and landscape evolution, but there is much to learn about the coupling of these processes.Contact Prof. Lou Derry (lad9@cornell.edu) for further information.