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Cornell Clocktower

Cornell extends early support to minority engineering students

By: Erin Philipson

Professor Mattew Pritchard was part of the faculty committee to plan a first-of-its-kind virtual gathering on March 4 to welcome recently admitted engineering doctoral students from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the field, including African American, Latino, and indigenous populations. Many prospective EAS students were able to attend the event. Read more


NRCC making regional climate services and weather data available for over 40 years

By: Erin Philipson

As many are all too aware, changing climate conditions impact our lives in many ways. The Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC) has been making regional climate services and weather data available and accessible to the public for over 40 years. The NRCC was the first regional climate center in the country and was used as a test to see if these types of centers were viable. “I think we proved our usefulness,” says Keith Eggleston ’82, a regional climatologist in the NRCC and graduate of the atmospheric sciences program at Cornell University. “So now quite a bit later, we're firmly... Read more

dust and plastic

Atmospheric travel: Scientists find microplastic everywhere

By: Blaine Friedlander

Natalie Mahowald, Cornell’s Irving Porter Church Professor in Engineering, and lead author Janice Brahney, Utah State University assistant professor of natural resources, have found that plastics cycle through the oceans and roadways and, if tiny enough, can become microplastic aerosols, which ride the jet stream across continents. In addition to the Cornell Chronicle, the story was also published in Wired, The Guardian, CNN, and the Independent. Read more


Space Tech Industry Day a convergence of research, business

By: Syl Kacapyr

A constellation of scientists, technologists and businesses will offer a glimpse into how space will be explored in the years to come during the inaugural Space Tech Industry Day, a virtual symposium hosted on Friday, April 23, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Read more

Developments from the Mineral and Energy Resources Program

Karin Olson Hoal, the Wold Family Professor in Environmental Balance for Human Sustainability, has been growing the Wold program over the past year leading to a number of new developments in the area of mineral resources. Cornell has established a chapter of the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG), the 101-year old global society dedicated to advancing mineral resource science. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences has three fellows in SEG including Suzanne Mahlberg Kay, professor emeritus, Karin Olson Hoal, Wold Family Professor, and Larry Cathles, professor emeritus and winner of the 2020 SEG... Read more

winter storm

NSF challenges Cornell to tame winter, natural disasters

By: Blaine Friedlander

Professors Toby Ault and Art DeGaetano are part of a team of Cornell researchers that are developing and planning a hyperlocal weather forecasting system designed to improve winter-storm emergency response and enhance natural disaster coordination. Read more

Wind turbines

Global ‘wind atlas’ propels sustainable energy

By: Blaine Friedlander

Cornell wind energy scientists, Sara C. Pryor and Rebecca Barthelmie, have released a new global wind atlas – a digital compendium filled with documented extreme wind speeds for all parts of the world – to help engineers select the turbines in any given region and accelerate the development of sustainable energy. Read more