Geological Sciences Graduate Program

Our geological sciences graduate program produces first-class scientists operating on the cutting edge of geoscience research. Our former students now occupy prestigious positions in academia, industry, and government. The program is flexible and is individually tailored to each student, and takes advantage of Cornell's strength in sciences and engineering and interdisciplinary education. 

The Ph.D. program, which culminates in a dissertation, typically requires five years to complete. A master's degree is not required for admission; students entering the program with a master's degree already in hand can generally complete the Ph.D. in less than four years.

The M.S. program, which culminates in a thesis, typically requires two years to complete.

The M.Eng. program in Earth Science and Engineering requires one year to complete. Students are required to complete 30 credit hours and a design project, but are not required to complete a thesis. Individual programs are developed within several established options: geohydrology, remote sensing, hazards, applied and environmental geophysics, ocean science and technology, and atmospheric science.