EAS Senior Spotlight--Jacob Feuerstein

Jacob Feuerstein in front of a city skyline


Jacob Feuerstein- Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology

Why Cornell?

I was taken by the small department, the great professors, the research focus, and the general nerd culture pervasive at Cornell.

Why EAS?

I've been in love with weather for half of my life. Wherever I went to college, studying atmospheric science was never in doubt.

What have you learned while pursuing this major?

So much about weather, and how to effectively research, and how to learn better and teach well. How to ask questions and answer them.

Any advice for students considering EAS?

Join CCAMS, the weather club! It is an amazing opportunity to meet other weather folks and do exciting stuff in the field. Also, take classes outside the department that interest you, even if not on a minor track (I never got a minor, and ended up alright).

Any interests outside of school work?

I do a lot of weather stuff on my own time. Otherwise, I'm an active biker and spend a lot of time exploring the roads and woods of Tompkins County. 

What stands out to you about your Cornell EAS experience?

The incredibly personable professors! No department in the country has as supportive a network of professors. 

What’s next for you?

Working as an analyst at Moody's Risk Management Solutions (RMS), a company that models and conveys weather/climate/disaster risk.

Favorite quote that helps inspire you in your work/life?

“Who am I to blow against the wind”  Paul Simon

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