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The Graduate School website has a host of resources specific to graduate students.

Code of Legislation

The Graduate School’s Code of Legislation (Code) sets forth the rules governing graduate education as overseen by the General Committee of the Graduate Faculty of Cornell University. The General Committee includes two voting student members. You are expected to be familiar with the Code as it pertains to your program and educational requirements.


Cornell Resources

  • Getting Around - An overview of transportation in the Cornell and Ithaca area.
  • Housing - Learn more about both on and off-campus housing and neighborhoods with a high graduate student population.
  • Dining - Learn more about dining options on campus.

Information about the Big Red Barn, an important piece of the graduate student experience.


External Resources

Visit Ithaca

Learn more about all the amazing things Ithaca has to offer from natural beauty to delicious restaurants! 


Student Organizations in EAS


IDEEAS ("ideas")

The IDEEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences) working group formed organically last fall as a grassroots group with a desire to foster inclusion, belonging, community, and equitable access in EAS. Self-selected from the full cross-section of the department, any member of EAS is welcome to join, and they actively promote diversity among students, administrative staff, research staff, and faculty. IDEEAS is not a committee; they are a collective. 

IDEEAS believes that, irrespective of rank or role, every member of the department community has the capacity to practice leadership. As such, they lead by action. Each IDEEAS project or initiative is organized around an action team, who collectively carry out a community-informed vision of the culture they would like to co-create with the rest of the department. IDEEAS is a non-hierarchical group within the very hierarchical setting of academia, and their work provides a model for reimagining how an academic unit could and should function.  Their events combine community building and intentional learning to promote critical reflection and foster connections.

For more information, contact

Snee Graduate Organization (SGO)

Snee Graduate Organization seeks to provide a medium for professional and social interaction both within and outside of EAS. They typically meet once a month to discuss various issues pertinent to the grad student experience and plan events as a group. In the past this has all occurred in person, with meetings typically taking place in the Snee Hall reading room (with food). For the foreseeable future all meetings and events will take place virtually. They have had success in previous months with virtual happy hours, trivia nights, and movie viewings but are open to any suggestions you may have.

The Society of Economic Geologists, Inc. (SEG)

The Society of Economic Geologists, Inc., (SEG) is an international organization of individual members with interests in the field of economic geology. The Society's membership includes representatives from industry, academia, and government institutions.They invite you to join Cornell's Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) Student Chapter! SEG is a group of both undergraduate and graduate students who want to learn more about economic geology. They plan to have Zoom interviews with career professionals and eventually take field trips! This chapter is beneficial for networking opportunities with company experts and other institutions at conferences.

The Cornell SEG Student Chapter is also part of the international SEG organization. Every year, SEG hosts an annual conference for students and professionals. Last year, the conference was held in Santiago, Chile and discussed metallogeny! By joining SEG, you will have access to information for early career professionals. SEG provides career guidance for students by offering field courses and a mentorship program. The international organization also publishes a newsletter with current information about economic geology. Additionally, the Cornell SEG Student Chapter is the only student chapter in the Ivy League!


I have really enjoyed the Andes Seminars while I've been here. For me as a student the way the talks often turn into conversations - with plenty of friendly interruptions - has been so helpful for getting quality feedback on my research from a variety of research perspectives. There's been several times I've stayed after for almost an hour engrossed in conversations about a particularly exciting idea, or getting help trying to understand something better. I also really appreciate the opportunity to learn more about what other people in the department are researching - people do some really cool research here!

— Patricia MacQueen