How to Apply to EAS

Our atmospheric sciences major is offered to undergraduate students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, while our earth and atmospheric sciences major is available to students in the colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Arts & Sciences, and Engineering. Choosing your college may depend partly on where your interests and strengths lie. Students applying to our graduate programs will apply through the Cornell Graduate School.

Undergraduate Admissions


Why Cornell Engineering?

Our program is distinctive in its unparalleled opportunities for real world problem solving. Cornell engineers do amazing things. They trample the traditional boundaries between disciplines and they question the rules of conventional wisdom. In short, they break the rules in order to make great things happen. The independent spirit of our students, professors, and alumni has been clear since Ezra Cornell started the university 150 years ago as "an institution where any person can find instruction in any study."

  • Cornell Engineering is rigorous and comprehensive
  • In the first two years, students take courses designed to provide a firm foundation for later specialization
  • All engineering students complete the college Common or Core curriculum before selecting a major
  • Engineering students experience a depth and breadth through the available 14 majors, 20 minors, and more than 60 concentrations

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Why the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)?

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is a pioneer of purpose-driven science and is the second largest college at Cornell. We work across disciplines to tackle the challenges of our time through world-renowned research, education and outreach. The questions we probe and the answers we seek focus on three overlapping concerns: natural and human systems; food, energy and environmental resources; and social, physical and economic well-being.

Since our founding, we have evolved continuously to meet the changing needs of our world. Our top-ranked programs include over 20 majors in community and rural development, environment and natural resources, food and nutrition, communication, applied economics, agriculture, international programs and life sciences.

  • The college offers more than 20 majors and more than 30 minors, allowing students great flexibility to tailor their educational experience to their individual interests.
  • Faculty members are passionate and enthusiastic teachers who are world-renowned leaders in their fields.
  • CALS provides the intimacy of a smaller college combined with the vast resources of an Ivy League university.
  • CALS maintains superior facilities, including orchards, forests, wineries, and the world’s largest collection of agriculture and life sciences publications.
  • Students receive personalized attention and guidance through the top-notch faculty advising program.
  • Undergraduates are encouraged to experience the research process by taking advantage of the tremendous variety and quantity of research opportunities offered by CALS, including the Research Honors Program.
  • CALS is dedicated to providing educational opportunity and access, including easing the financial burden for students and parents.

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Why Arts & Sciences?

The greatest challenges that our world faces today require skills that belie singular modes of understanding. As this era is defined by rapid social, technological and economic changes, the liberal arts model of education and inquiry is perhaps more relevant today than ever before. The education conferred by the College of Arts & Sciences is a recipe for creating an intellect that is well formed and highly versatile. It is also the best long-term training for innovation, entrepreneurship and civic leadership.

At Cornell, we embrace both heritage and invention. Our openness to intersecting paths is a deep part of who we are.

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and scholarship is at our foundation. 
  • We are a strong academic community continuously generating new ideas.
  • We challenge our students to expand their imaginations while sharpening their critical and creative responses to all they encounter. 
  • We are independent and diverse students and scholars on our own paths toward discovery and transformation. 
  • Our college is the nexus of Cornell, offering humanity’s greatest opportunity for innovation, creativity and illumination of pathways to the future. 

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Graduate Admissions

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