Megan Holycross

Megan Holycross

Assistant Professor
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Research Interests

Selected Publications

Osborne Z., Thomas J.B., Nachlas W., Baldwin S., Holycross M.E., Spear F., Watson E.B. (2019) An experimentally calibrated thermobarometric solubility model for titanium in coesite (TitaniC). Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 174: 34

Holycross M.E., Watson E.B. (2018) Trace element diffusion and kinetic fractionation in wet rhyolitic melt, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 232: 14-29

Holycross M.E., Watson E.B., Richter F., Villeneuve J. (2018) Diffusive fractionation of Li in wet, highly silicic melts, Geochemical Perspectives Letters 6: 39-42

Holycross M.E., Watson E.B. (2016) Diffusive fractionation of trace elements in basaltic melt, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 171: 1-15

Watson E.B., Cherniak D.J., Holycross M.E. (2015) Diffusion of phosphorus in olivine and molten basalt, American Mineralogist 100: 2053-2065

Brandt D.S., Csonka J., Holycross M., McCoy V., Seitz M. (2012) In search of the Arthophycus parallelus tracemaker, Palaios 27: 116-121