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Susan J. Riha

  • Susan J. Riha
  • Dept: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Title: Charles L. Pack Professor
  • Address: 1110 Bradfield Hall
  • Phone: 607 255-1729
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Selected Publications

  • Riha, Susan, C. Tonitto. 2016. "Planning and implementing small dam removals: lessons learned from dam removals across the eastern United States.." Sustainable Water Resources Management 2 (4): 489-507.
  • Vedachalam, S., B. V. Lewenstein, K. A. DeStefano, S. D. Polan, Susan Riha. 2016. "Media discourse on ageing water infrastructure.." Urban Water Journl 13 (8): 861-874.
  • Vedachalam, S., KT Spotte-Smith, Susan Riha. 2016. "A meta-nalysis of public compliance to boil water advisories.." Water research 94: 136-145.
  • Vedachalam, S., P. Singh, Susan Riha. 2016. "Sewage pollution in New York, USA: Impact of the 'Right to Know' act.." 19 (2): 1303-1316.
  • Carter, E. K., J. J. Melkonian, Susan Riha, S. B. Shaw. 2016. "Separating heat stress from moisture stress: analyzing yield response to high temperature in irrigated maize.." Water Policy 11 (11).
  • Rahm, Brian G., Nicole B. Hill, Stephen B. Shaw, Susan Riha. 2016. "Nitrate dynamics in two streams impacted by wastewater treatment plant discharge: point sources or sinks?." Journal of the American Water Resources Association 52 (3): 592-604.
  • Guerrrna, David T., Joseph Kimetu, Susan Riha, Henry Neufeldt, Johannes Lehmann. 2016. "Maize productivity dynamics in response to mineral nutrient additions and legacy organic soil inputs of contrasting quality.." Field Crops Research 188: 113-120.
  • Vedachalam, S., R. R. Geddes, Susan Riha. 2016. "Partnerships and contract choice in India's water and wastewater sectors.." 21 (1).
  • Vedachalam, S., Susan Riha, D. L. Kay. 2014. "Capital Investment and Privatization: Public Opinion on Issues Related to Water and Wastewater Infrastructure." Public Works Management and Policy 19 (2).
  • Rahm, B. G., Susan Riha. 2014. "Evolving shale gas management: water resource risks, impacts, and lessons learned." Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 16 (6): 1400-1412.
  • Vedachalam, S., Susan Riha. 2014. "Small is beautiful? State of the dams and management implications for the future." River Research and Application 30 (9).
  • Vedachalam, S., M. E. John, Susan Riha. 2014. "Spatial analysis of boil water advisories issued during an extreme weather event in the Hudson." Applied Geography 48: 112-121.
  • Shaw, S. B., D. Mehta, Susan Riha. 2014. "Using simple data experiments to explore the influence of non-temperature controls on maize yields in the mid-West and Great Plains." Climatic Change 122 (4): 747-755.