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EAS hosts frontier research on a wide variety of processes which drive the solid earth, the oceans, and the atmosphere.  We are dedicated to training the next generation of global leaders in earth and atmospheric sciences while promoting a citizenry informed on the science behind the important environmental and hazard issues of our time.

Two Faculty Searches in Progress

Recent News

Update on Cornell's Earth Source Heat Project

" create a new regional energy supply and to heat Cornell's campus with renewable resources..."

"Where is the human in climate change?": Unintended Consequences

Natalie Mahowald's work featured on episode of the series, "What makes us human?"

Science of Earth Systems major, Samantha Moruzzi '20, receives AIPG Scholarship

Moruzzi is one of 19 students receiving a 2018 AIPG undergraduate scholarship.

Did you know?

"Tsunamis used to be called tidal waves because they look like a tide wave coming in or going out very fast. But they are not related to tides. Tsunamis are caused by a sudden and significant vertical displacement of water from an underwater earthquake or landslide. Not all underwater earthquakes or landslides cause tsunamis and not all tsunamis are devastating." - Louise McGarry, Ph.D. graduate, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography. Read More