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EAS hosts frontier research on a wide variety of processes which drive the solid earth, the oceans, and the atmosphere.  We are dedicated to training the next generation of global leaders in earth and atmospheric sciences while promoting a citizenry informed on the science behind the important environmental and hazard issues of our time.

Recent News

Allmon sheds light on "paleontologist's paradise," Ithaca, NY.

The New Yorker science journalist Peter Brannen's trek across state of New York provides him with...

Durkin receives award for outstanding presentation from the European Geosciences Union

PhD candidate, Joey Durkin, selected for an Outstanding Student Poster and PICO Award at the...

Kim receives Student Award from SSA

Doyeon Kim PhD '18 chosen to receive a 2018 Student Award from the Seismological Society of America.

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Did you know?

Charles Frederick Hartt, Cornell’s first professor of geology, in the 1870s led two geological surveys of Brazil with Cornell geology students and faculty. He brought back geological and paleontological samples for the University’s burgeoning collections and botanical specimens for Wiegand Herbarium.