Alessi receives 2018 Macelwane award from AMS

The American Meteorological Society has awarded Marc Alessi '18 the Father James B. Macelwane Award.

The Father James B. Macelwane Annual Award in Meteorology

The Father James B. Macelwane Annual Award was established by the American Meteorological Society to honor the late Rev. James B. Macelwane, S.J., a world renowned authority of seismology, who was a geophysicist and Dean of the Institute of Technology, Saint Louis University, until his death in 1956.  The recipient of the Father James B. Macelwane award will receive a stipend of $1000 supported by member donations to the AMS Giving Program.

The purpose of this award is to stimulate interest in meteorology among college students through the submission of original student papers concerned with some phase of the atmospheric sciences.  The student must be enrolled as an undergraduate at the time the paper is written, and no more than two students from any one institution may enter papers in any one contest.

Marc won this award for his senior honors thesis, ”Identifying a Soil Moisture-Rainfall Feedback in the 2016 New York Summer Drought”, conducted under the supervision of Professors Art DeGaetano and Toby Ault.

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