The 2023 edition of the Ithaca Weather Calendar is available to order

Shop the calendar at the Cornell Store or calendars are available by mail for $2 shipping and will include an invoice to be paid by check.

To purchase by mail, email Calendars are $10 + shipping.

The Ithaca Weather Calendar began in 1985 as a project between the graduate students and senior class of Cornell’s Earth & Atmospheric Science major. The Northeast Regional Climate Center later took over producing the calendar. The first calendar was done in color paper and had lots of stories regarding birds. The themes changed over the years. 2001 and 2002 issues featured weather folklore; 2004 showed the weather station over the years in Ithaca; 2005 featured weather safety; 2006 included weather trivia with answers the next month. Other years featured clouds, severe storms, and even kids of the faculty and staff.

The calendar now features beautiful pictures of the Ithaca area and includes daily and monthly weather records, sunrise and sunset times, lunar phases, and useful days such as average date of first inch of snow (November 25th!).

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