Ocean Science Course Requirements

Course Outline

Intro Course

Students must complete the following intro course:

Core Courses

Students must complete the following 3 core courses:

Concentration Courses

Students must complete 5 concentration courses at the 3000-level or above. Students should speak with their advisor about which concentration courses are most appropriate for their program of study.


Students may use one of the following organismal courses:

Field Course

Exposure to the basic observations of earth science in the field is necessary to fully understand the chosen area of concentration in the major. A minimum of 3 credits of appropriate coursework is required, although more experience with fieldwork is encouraged. Students can choose from the following course options.

Summer REU Programs could also satisfy the requirement.

Temporary Solution during Pandemic

  • 2 Credit Independent Study Course as a supplement to EAS 3540 Ocean Satellite Remote Sensing (by petition only) with Professor Bruce Monger. This course can only be added if the student have already taken EAS 3540.
  • 3 Credit independent study with an EAS faculty member that will involve data or samples collected in the field (the student needs to approach a faculty member to design a project like this) 

We will only accept these options by Seniors and Juniors in Fall/Summer of 2020 or Spring of 2021