LA-ICP-MS Facility

Laster Lab

The LA-ICP-MS facility at Cornell University houses an ESI NWR193UC excimer laser and an Agilent 8900 ICP-QQQ (ICP-MS/MS).

The NWR193 is capable of precision spot analyses ranging from 1-150 ┬Ám with variable and customizable energy settings, and XYR settings for rectangular analysis. The Agilent 8900 triple quadrupole allows the system to provide high accuracy data and mass interference offset with additional gases such as H, He, O, and NH3.

Trace element analysis, isotope ratios, and trace element mapping are the most common analyses performed by this LA-ICP-MS facility. We accept solid samples from geology, materials science, biology, and more! We will work with our clients to assess their needs and come up with solutions to any challenges presented.

An internal standard is needed to calibrate the data based on the sample material so one major element chemistry must be known prior. Before scheduling, please discuss the purpose of the analysis and internal standard with the operator.

The LA-ICP-MS facility is located in Snee Hall, Room 4160B, at Cornell University. For more information about analyses, please contact Lyndsey Fisher at