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Special Tribute to Thompson at AMEBC "RoundUp" conference

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

John Thompson has been an energetic supporter of the exploration and mining community since arriving at Vancouver in 1991. His many contributions have advanced economic geology research, mentored students who are now active
in the industry, supported volunteer professional activities at local, provincial, national and international levels, and have played pivotal roles in the creation of Geoscience BC and the Canada Mining Innovation Council (CMIC).

This all started when he left Kennecott-Rio Tinto to become the Director of the Mineral Deposits Research Unit (MDRU) at the University of British Columbia (UBC). John not only enhanced UBC's stature as a global force in economic geology research, he ensured that MDRU supported the local geological community through talks, short courses and presentations.
John also supervised and mentored a number of students that have gone on to be leaders in their own right.

In early 1998, he joined Teck Resources Limited as Chief Geoscientist and became Vice-President Technology and Development in 2005. While at Teck, John remained committed to the sharing of geological ideas. As a result of John's leadership, Teck has sponsored geological conferences and short courses and continues to provide significant support to MDRU, while encouraging volunteer activities, technical presentations and the publishing of papers by Teck geologists.
In 2012, John joined Vancouver-based PetraScience Consultants Inc. who provide exploration and technology services to the mining industry. He also became the Wold Family Professor in Environmental Balance for Human Sustainability at Cornell University.

John has been an active speaker and volunteer for numerous local to international exploration and research conferences and meetings. He has chaired meetings, participated on organizing committees and developed short courses, while still finding time to contribute technical presentations and edit numerous publications, including Economic Geology's "One Hundredth Anniversary Volume".

Of particular note, he was Technical Chair of both the Association of Mineral Exploration British Columbia's (AME BC) Pathways to Discovery conference in 1998 and the Society of Economic Geology's 2013 conference at Whistler. Both of these meetings successfully married the science of geology and mineral deposit studies with the art of mineral exploration. For the Whistler conference he also co-edited the companion volume titled "Tectonics, Metallogeny and Discovery: The North American Cordillera and Similar Accretionary Settings".

On another front, John strongly believed in public geoscience and science innovation in general, playing key roles in the formation of Geoscience BC and the Canada Mining Innovation Council. He had an important role behind the $1.1 million Rocks to Riches grant received by AMEBC that foreshadowed
the founding of Geoscience BC. He was the leader of the AME BC team that received the $25 million grant from the British Columbia government to create Geoscience BC, and has been its Chair and greatest cheerleader since its formation. He also played a strong leadership role in the creation of CMIC,
becoming the Chair for a time and continuing to serve on the Board of Directors. In addition, he is a past-President of the Society of Economic Geologists and a founding director of the Society of Economic Geologists Canada Foundation.

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