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Biogeochemistry/Climate Interactions

These interactions focus on the land and ocean surface, and look at the respons of the land or ocean surface to climate change, or the impact of changes the land and ocean surface on climate.  Much of this work can be thought of as focusing on understanding how human emissions of carbon dioxide and other radiatively important species will be modulated by natural feedbacks in the system.  This area of emphasis is linked to the biogeochemistry and environmental biocomplexity initiative. 

Biogeochemistry/Climate Interactions Website

Research Area Faculty

  Name Department Contact
lad9.jpg Derry, Louis A.
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 4140 Snee Hall
607 255-9354
pgh25_eng.jpg Hess, Peter
BEE/EAS Joint Professor
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 228 Riley Robb Hall
607 255-2495
gdh7.jpg Hoke, Gregory
Adjunct Faculty
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
nmm63.jpg Mahowald, Natalie Marie
Irving Porter Church Professor of Engineering
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 1112 Bradfield Hall
607 255-5166
sp2279_eng.jpg Pryor, Sara C.
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 1117 Bradfield Hall
607 255-3376
sjr4_eng.jpg Riha, Susan J.
Charles L. Pack Professor
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 1110 Bradfield Hall
607 255-1729