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Sid Kaufman

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A career with Shell Oil, then back to Cornell, Sid Kaufman remained a constant in the life of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, teaching and leading from the 1970's through his second retirement and until his death in 2008.

This page is dedicated to Sid.  Use the links to hear interviews and to read about some of the highlights of his later years.

Sid Kaufman with group

Pictured are: Carrie Brindisi, Steve Gallow, William Brice, Sid Kaufman, George Hade, Muawia Barazangi

On June 26, 2003, a group of people met with Sidney Kaufman for an interview.  In this interview Dr. Kaufman discussed many aspects of his life, including being a student at Cornell University, his wife Goldie, his job at Shell Oil, Offshore Seismic Surveys, WWII, Radar, and his return to Cornell.  Links to portions of the interview are below:

Early Cornell Years

Meeting Goldie

Marriage and New Job (Shell)

Seismic Crew (Offshore!)


Return to Shell Oil

Meeting Jack Oliver

Return to Cornell University

Deep Seismic Reflections



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