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Timothy Gubbels

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In Memory Of Timothy Louis Gubbels, 9/14/61 - 5/12/12

tim_in_bolivia2Timothy L. Gubbels was a Chief Research Scientist with Sigma Space Corporation at the time of his death.  He received his Ph.D. in geology from Cornell University in 1993 under Prof. Bryan Isacks.  Tim was also most recently a member of the EAS Advisory Council.  He was a true supporter of the geological sciences program.  His experiences in the field while studying at Cornell only enhanced his love of the earth and his desire to give back so that other students could benefit from such experiences.  Tim Gubbels will be fondly remembered and sadly missed.

A Timothy Louis Gubbels Memorial Fund has been established for those who wish to contribute.




 Fielding Isacks Gubbels Whitman

Eric Fielding, Bryan Isacks, Tim Gubbels, Dean Whitman at Isacks Symposium in 2006.

tim and trenton at copacabana

 Fellow graduate student, Trenton Cladouhos shared these photos of himself and Tim from the summer of 1990 in Bolivia doing field work for their theses.


December 2011 - Tim with EAS grad students Clockwise: Jennifer Jay, Anastaija Cabolova, Diego Quiros, Andrew Melkonian

 tim at copacabana