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Since the Graduate School is administratively separate from the seven undergraduate colleges at Cornell, faculty members from many departments are eligible for Atmospheric Science Graduate Field membership. As a result, the Graduate Field of Atmospheric Science includes faculty members from the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences as well as departments such as Astronomy and Biological and Environmental Engineering, and the Schools of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering on Cornell's Ithaca, New York campus.

Faculty members conduct basic and applied research on a variety of topics related to the atmospheres of Earth and other planets.  Particular emphasis is focused on the dynamics of climate and weather, atmospheric chemistry, the application of climate and weather information to decision-making problems, the structure and remote sensing of the ionosphere, hydrology, boundary-layer meteorology, atmospheric turbulence, and planetary atmospheric dynamics. 

Individual professors in the Field of Atmospheric Science welcome inquiries, and prospective students are urged to correspond with faculty members whose interests are nearest their own.  All of the faculty members in the Field of Atmospheric Science are prepared to direct advanced studies in their areas of expertise.

The faculty members in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences who list their primary affiliation with the Graduate Field of Atmospheric Science are:

Toby Ault - Mega droughts, droughts, paleodata and climate models

Stephen J. Colucci - Dynamics and inter-annual variability of mid-latitude cyclones and anticyclones, including blocking mid-tropospheric anticyclones, with particular attention to the stratospheric influence on these systems

Arthur T. DeGaetano - Applications of climate data for decision making, including data quality, detection of non-climate shifts in observations, and climate impact analysis. Special focus on the occurrence rates and impacts of extreme events, such as Nor'easters

Charles H. Greene - Conservation oceanography;marine bioacoustics;oceans and climate change;sustainable Earth, energy, and environmental systems

Natalie Mahowald - Interactions between aerosols, climate and biogeochemistry, and how humans may be changing these interactions

Douglas MacMartin - Dynamics and feedback analysis in climate systems

Sara C. Pryor - Regional climate change, air pollution and wind energy

Scott Steinschneider - Hydroclimatic variability and change

Daniel S. Wilks - Applied statistics in relation to meteorological and climatological problems, including ensemble forecasting, seasonal forecasting, quantitative forecast evaluation, and stochastic simulation

Other faculty members who list their primary affiliation in other graduate fields, but may also advise students in Atmospheric Science are:

Rebecca J Barthelmie

H. Oliver Gao - Transportation and air quality

Peter Hess - Atmospheric chemistry and climate

David Hysell - Upper atmospheric physics

Max K. Zhang - Airborne particles; air pollution