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Cornell University/University of Buenos Aires Field Mapping in Argentina

The Cornell University/University of Buenos Aires summer course in field mapping and geology of the Central Andes, which is offered every other summer, is based in the Precordillera range in San Juan Province, Argentina.

The field area is marked by spectacular rock exposures and superb examples of geologic phenomena in an active tectonic environment. The first part of the course is based on field exercises that include mapping of recently active faults, Precambrian metamorphic rocks including a Precambrian ophiolite, Paleozoic to Tertiary sedimentary rocks, and Tertiary volcanic rocks. The second part includes two mapping projects and a four-day field trip with study exercises in the adjacent Frontal and Main Andean Cordilleras.

Students enroll in the course (EAS 4710 Field Mapping in Argentina) through Cornell University Summer Sessions. The course fulfills the field course requirement for students majoring in Science of Earth Systems.

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