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Teaching and Research Facilities

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The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is located in two centers on the Cornell campus. Bradfield Hall is an integral part of the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. Snee Hall is on the boundary between the Engineering Quad and Collegetown, the hub of student off-campus activity.

These physical homes also house our undergraduate program offices,  graduate program offices, and most of our affiliated research centers.

Bradfield Hall
Undergraduate: Atmospheric Science
Graduate: Atmospheric Science
Northeast Regional Climate Center

Snee Hall
Undergraduate: Science of Earth Systems
Graduate: Geological Sciences
Institute for Study of the Continents
Cornell's Center for Materials Research X-Ray and Diffraction Analysis
The Cornell Energy Institute

The Paleontological Research Institution, or PRI, is an independent facility with strong ties to Earth & Atmospheric Sciences. Known throughout the world of paleontologists and malecologists for its fossil and shell collections, PRI hosts classes and research by Cornell faculty and students as well as visitors from other institutions. PRI is also the home of the dynamic and modern Museum of the Earth which serves (and stimulates!)  the interests of the public on earth and environmental issues. 

Large rock specimens from many parts of eastern North America are also displayed in four rock parks, donated by the Bender Family. In addition to serving as examples for formal EAS courses, these rock specimens introduce everyone in the Cornell community to the variety and beauty of rocks.